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NCU School of Education Student Grants Page

Updated: May 17, 2021

The ability for a student to continue academics is many times at least partially guides but economic issues. Having support in finding, evaluating, and successfully applying for economic assistance can be one factor in a student choosing a university or continuing the academic process. There is a sizable pool of grants available individual students. Many of these grants go unclaimed or have low competition due to students being unaware of the grant assistance or the of student not having access to the grant submission process. Includes is a partial list of student opportunities. Our university having the links organized, easily available, and with some counselor support in application may well be a positive recruiting / retention element for our university.

Most individual student grants are specific niche applications. These grants are often focused toward specific ethnic, ancestral origin, geographic location, employment, parents / family employment, numerous lifestyles, or even person interests and hobbies.


Geographic Location

Grant 1:

Celtic Sons and Daughters Scholarship Program: The Central Connecticut Celtic Cultural Committee awards one $1500 merit scholarship to students of Irish descent who are also Connecticut residents.

Grant 2:

NLHA Education Fund Scholarship $3,500 April 17, 2022 Awards Available. Applicants must be residents of privately-owned federally assisted low-income housing properties, or recipients of Section 8 voucher assistance that demonstrate both need and merit. Awards are available for undergraduate and graduate studies, trade schools and returning students.

Grant 3:

Navajo Generating Station Navajo Scholarship. SRP is pleased to offer scholarship assistance to qualified Navajo college students. The following are details about the Navajo Generating Station (NGS) Navajo Scholarship. Eligibility Applicants must be enrolled members of the Navajo Nation who are full-time students at an accredited college or university. Recipients must be juniors in college during the time the scholarship is used and must have a minimum overall GPA of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale.

Ethnic groups / Ancestral origin-

Grant 4

Celtic Sons and Daughters Scholarship Program: The Central Connecticut Celtic Cultural Committee awards one $1500 merit scholarship to students of Irish descent who are also Connecticut residents.

Grant 5

A Bright Future provides annual scholarships to underrepresented students with outstanding achievement and the drive to pursue higher education in select fields. Students could receive one scholarship a year. They are granted upon assessment of need and university selection. The average award amount is $2,500. The maximum amount is $10,000. Applicants must be minority high school/ college students who reside and study in the United States and come from low-income households and have graduated from high school with a minimum 3.0 GPA. Individual scholarship criteria vary.


Grant 6

US Deputy Sheriff's Association Scholarship $2,000 June 01, 2021Awards Available: 25. Scholarship Description, USDSA is pleased to offer a post-secondary education scholarship program for dependent children of current, full-time commissioned law enforcement officers. Applicants must be high school seniors or college students attending or planning to attend an accredited community college or four-year college or university in the United States for a minimum of 12 credit hours.

Grant 7

Sport Clips Help a Hero Scholarship Deadline: 4/30/21 Available to: College Freshmen through Seniors Award Amount: $5,000 The Sport Clips Help a Hero Scholarship is open to U.S. citizens who are retired, on active duty, have been honorably discharged or are members of the National Guard or Reserve. You must have completed Basic Training and follow-on training, hold a military rank of E-5 or below and demonstrate financial need to be considered for this award.

Family Employment-

Grant 8

American Patriot Scholarship Deadline: Varies Available to: High School Seniors through College Seniors Award Amount: $7,000 The American Patriot Scholarship is available to students whose military parent has died on active service or is receiving Traumatic Servicemembers' Group Life Insurance (T-SGLI) payments. You must be a high school senior with a minimum GPA of 3.0 or college student working on your first undergraduate degree and be under the age of 24 to be considered for this award.

Grant 9:

Operation Thank an Officer Scholarship is open to high school seniors and college students that have a parent serving in the law enforcement field, have a parent that has retired from the law enforcement field, or has a parent who passed away that served in the law enforcement field. All applicants are required to completely fill out the application and complete an assigned essay prompt.

Life Situations-

Grant 10

Foster Care to Success Scholarship $5,000 March 31, 2022. Awards Available Scholarship Description Foster Care to Success Offers scholarships to help fund foster youths' post-secondary education so they can achieve brighter futures. Applicants for the general scholarship must have been in public or private foster care for the 12 consecutive months leading up to and including their 18th birthday; OR have been adopted or placed into legal guardianship after their 16th birthday; OR have been orphaned for at least one year at the time of their 18th birthday and not subsequently adopted. Applicants must be under the age of 25 by the deadline for the scholarship, have been in foster care or orphaned while living in the US, and have been accepted into or expect to be accepted into an accredited, Pell-eligible college or postsecondary school.

Grant 11:

Roadway Worker Memorial Scholarship $10,000 February 15, 2022 Award

s Available: Scholarship Description Eligible applicants for the Roadway Worker Memorial Scholarship must be dependents of roadway workers killed or permanently disabled in work zone construction or maintenance activities within the work zone, including mobile operations and the installation of roadside safety features. Spouses of fallen workers and parents with custody or legal guardianship of surviving children are also eligible. If a particular applicant demonstrates a strong commitment to volunteerism, they may be eligible to receive an additional $1,000 Chuck Bailey Memorial Scholarship.

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